About Maxwell & Williams

The Maxwell & Williams brand is a new brand of homewares, established in 1995 by a wholly Australian owned company.

Maxwell & Williams started from humble beginnings with a simple white dinner set and a small range of accessories, but the vision from the outset was to create a brand of homewares which would be internationally recognised as the leader in affordable, quality homewares. In just five years it has grown into the phenomenon that is Maxwell & Williams and you can now buy the Maxwell & Williams Designer Homewares brand throughout Australia, New Zealand and in countries as distant as the UK, China, Israel and South Africa.

Maxwell & Williams is the name you can trust when it comes to buying homewares, with a solid reputation for delivering the best quality and value that money can buy.

The Maxwell & Williams range is an extremely diverse collection of homewares, using a multitude of materials including ceramics, glass, stainless steel and acrylic to create a unique collection that encompasses the entire spectrum of homewares from the kitchen to the tabletop and beyond.

All Maxwell & Williams products are made from the finest quality materials available. We source manufacturers of the highest repute to work closely with our team of Australian based designers and we proudly stand by the quality of the products we deliver, providing you with as much information about your purchase as possible.

On the base of many Maxwell & Williams products you will find relevant information and care instructions about the product you have purchased. In cases where this has not been possible we have provided a detailed summary of the raw materials we use as well as information about our production techniques so that you really can rest assured that when you see the Maxwell & Williams logo that you have purchased the best in quality and style your money will buy.